City of Ionia

Portable Sign Permit Application

Per Chapter 1234 of the City Code - Portable Signs Must be Permitted before Placed

Portable Signs are permitted by the City's Sign Ordinance. They are limited to 30 days use per any quarter upon City approval but may not be placed for more than 30 consecutive days (i.e. 30 days at the end of one quarter and 30 days at the start of the next quarter).

Please allow three (3) business days for the processing of this application. An e-mail or telephone call will be provided as a response with a follow-up paper copy of this permit mailed to the applicant's address below if the permit request is granted.

There is no charge for a Portable Sign Permit.

Applicant Information


Property and Sign Information

Height, width and depth in feet and inches
Where the sign will be located on the property

Placement Date Information

Quarter when the Portable Sign will be placed on property. Required.
Date desired to place the Portable Sign. Required.
Date when the Portable Sign will be removed. Required.

An automatic response copy of the form data will be emailed to the Applicant’s email address.