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Code Enforcement and Rentals

Code enforcement concerns can be sent to You may also view the Codified Ordinances of the City of Ionia for reference to all City codes.

Meet Our Code Enforcement Officer

Warren Conley is the Code Enforcement Officer for the City of Ionia. You can contact him with any questions or concerns by phone at (616) 523-0157 or via email at

Garage Sale Signs

As you plan your garage or yard sale this summer, remember that City Code regulates signage. The following standards apply to the signs that are placed to advertise the sale. Signs placed that do not comply with the following standards may be removed by City staff without notice.

The following standards apply to the signs placed at the location where the sale is being held.

  • One sign per premise is permitted, located on the premises on which the sale is being conducted.
  • The sign shall not exceed 6 square feet in area and 3 feet in height.
  • The sign shall not be erected more than 3 days prior to the day(s) of the sale and shall be removed within 1 day after the completion of the sale.
In addition to the on-premise sign permitted above, off-premise signs are permitted subject to the following restrictions:
  • No more than two off-premise signs are allowed for each such sale.
  • Each sign shall be no larger than 4 square feet and 3 feet in height.
  • Each sign shall only be placed in the street right-of-way and shall not block the vision of or create a hazard for drivers or those individuals on foot or bicycle.
  • Each off-premise sign shall contain the date and address of the sale.
  • Each sign may be placed no sooner than 2 hours prior to the opening of the first day of the sale and must be removed within 2 hours after close of the last day of the sale.
  • Signs shall not be attached to light poles, utility poles, trees, or other similar structures located in the street right-of-way.

Rental Registration and Residential Rental Unit Inspections

Rental Unit InspectionsIf you own residential rental property in the City, it must be registered with the City. The purpose of the rental inspection program is to ensure the safety of the tenants and maintain the quality of our neighborhoods.

City Code requires that all residential rental units in the City (regardless of single family or multiple families) be registered with the City and periodically inspected to ensure compliance with minimum maintenance standards. If you own a rental unit that has not been registered with the City or inspected, contact Rental Inspector Royal Shilton at the Ionia Public Safety Department at (616) 527-4431 or via email at to register your units and schedule the inspection.

Download a Rental Inspection Checklist and complete a Rental Registration Application online using the links below.

Meet Our Rental Inspector

Royal Shilton is the City's Rental Inspector. He can be reached at the Ionia Public Safety Department at (616) 527-4431 or via email at to register your units and schedule the inspection.

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