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Economic Development

Economic development efforts in the City are primarily coordinated by the Ionia County Economic Alliance (ICEA) of which the City is a contributing member. The ICEA contracts with The Right Place for comprehensive economic development services including business retention, expansion, and attraction support. Recently completed economic development-based studies help show the opportunities available in Ionia. Check the documents and links tabs on this page to access these studies.

For assistance with a project, you may contact the Ionia City Manager at (616) 527-5776 or reach out to the Ionia County region of The Right Place.

Development in Ionia

The City of Ionia loves welcoming new businesses to the community. Our convenient location, business-friendly environment, and charming downtown provide many reasons for your business to locate here. Ionia aims to support local entrepreneurs and investors in the community by taking a streamlined approach to development. The Downtown Development Authority Director or City Manager would be happy to meet with any businesses seeking more information about potential opportunities in the City. See the documents below for more information on the City of Ionia.

Orchard View Industrial Park

Orchard View Industrial Park - IoniaThe City of Ionia Orchard View Industrial Park is comprised of 13 lots that are each approximately 3 acres in size. There are 7 lots currently available for purchase and the City is always accepting bids. Lots are being sold at market rate as determined by the City Assessor. The current rate is $26,200 per acre.

The following lots are available for purchase.

Lot 1 - 320 Apple Tree Drive: 3 acres (measures 250 feet at the street by a depth of 540 feet)

Lot 2 - 360 Apple Tree Drive: 3 acres (measures 250 feet at the street by a depth of 540 feet)

Lot 3 - 400 Apple Tree Drive: 3 acres (measures 250 feet at the street by a depth of 540 feet)

Lot 9 - 515 Apple Tree Drive: 4.6 acres with an irregular shape due to the detention pond located in front of the site.

Lot 13 - 325 Apple Tree Drive: 3 acres (measures 250 feet at the street by a depth of 540 feet)

If interested in purchasing a lot, contact City Manager Precia Garland at (616) 527-5776 or via email at

Ionia County Economic Alliance (ICEA)

ICEA - Ionia County Economic AllianceThe City of Ionia is a strategic partner with the Ionia County Economic Alliance (ICEA) to further establish a regional presence. ICEA is a resource for accessing incentives through the state, as well as providing other information related to economic development. Visit the ICEA website for more information. A copy of the ICEA Annual Report is included below.

Tax Incentives

The City uses Brownfield Tax Increment Financing (TIF), Industrial Property Tax Abatements (Industrial Facility Tax (IFT) Exemption Certificates), and Obsolete Property Rehabilitation Districts as its methods for economic development tax incentives. The City uses the State of Michigan's general applications for these programs. If you are interested in these incentives and developing in Ionia, contact the City Manager at (616) 527-5776 or via email at

For more information on Brownfields visit the Michigan Economic Development Corporation's (MEDC) website. Fact sheets from the MEDC on Brownfields, Industrial Property Tax Abatements, and the Obsolete Property Rehabilitation Act (OPRA) are provided below.

The Right Place for the 2nd Annual MIPitch Competition

Development Opportunities Video

Documents and Links

Excess Properties for Sale

The City of Ionia owns a number of parcels that it has deemed excess. These parcels are no longer needed by the City and are being listed for sale. Individuals interested in purchasing any of these properties should review City Policy No. 4-004: Sale of City-Owned Excess Property and submit an offer using the form provided below. A minimum bid of $300 is required. The following properties are deemed excess and available for purchase.

329 N. Dexter Street

Parcel Number: 34-202-170-000-700-50
Size: 0.51 acres
Zoning: B-3, General Business District
True Cash Value: $9,000

486 Harter Street

Parcel Number: 34-202-170-000-830-00
Size: 0.15 acres
Zoning: RM-1, Multiple-Family Residential
True Cash Value: $300

839 W. Main Street

Parcel Number: 34-202-170-001-560-00
Size: 0.14 acres
Zoning: I-1, Light Industrial
True Cash Value: $1,800

0 Dequack Alley

Parcel Number: 34-203-110-000-060-00
Size: 0.32 acres
Zoning: R-1, One-Family Residential
True Cash Value: $300

315 Webber Street

Parcel Number: 34-204-090-000-080-00
Size: 0.64 acres
Zoning: I-1, Light Industrial
True Cash Value: $8,000

Questions regarding the purchase of these properties should be directed to City Manager Precia Garland via email at or over the phone at (616) 527-5776.

Vacant Property Inventory for Downtown

The City of Ionia has compiled a list of vacant properties in the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) District. The owners of these properties are actively looking for new tenants. The document provided below serves as an inventory of these properties. Basic details of the available spaces and property owner contact information have been included.

Questions regarding this list should be directed toward DDA Director Linda Curtis at

City Becomes a Certified Redevelopment Ready Community

As a Certified Redevelopment Ready Community (RRC), the City of Ionia has completed the steps put in place by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation to become a vibrant and competitive place for development opportunities. This involved reviewing processes inhibiting development, identifying assets, and master planning with public input.

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