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Trash and Recycle and Seasonal Waste Disposal

For information regarding 'Curbside Trash and Recycling', please phone City Hall at 616-527-4170,

Trash and Recycle Pickup

City of Ionia Trash-Garbage-Recycling PickupThe City provides two maps for viewing trash and recycling area pickup days. One map covers the East area of Ionia, and the other the West area of Ionia. They are color-coded by area and pickup days.

View and download the maps at the links below.

Trash Containers, Trash Bags, Rates

Containers and/or Tagged Bags must be placed street-side by 7:00 AM, on service pick-up day. Trash bag tags are available for purchase in lots of 10 for $19.00, at City Hall, Monday-Friday, 8 AM - 4 PM.

Current Rates (effective 7/1/22)

  • 60 gallon container - $23.70/quarter
  • 90 gallon container - $25.20/quarter
  • Recycle container - $11.40/quarter
Trash/Recycle fees are a part of your quarterly utility billing.

Recycle Tubs

All recycling in the City will be picked up by Granger every other Monday, regardless of your regular trash day. Recycle tubs must be placed streetside by 7:00 AM, on Monday. Please follow the following guidelines for all recycling:

  • Recyclables do not need to be sorted.
  • Do not bag recyclables. Put them loose in your recycling cart (Curby Recycler).
  • Accepted items include cardboard; plastic bottles, tubs, jugs, and containers; mixed paper; metal cans and aluminum; and boxboard. Items that are not accepted may be left. More specific recycling guidelines and a collection calendar can be found here.

Recyclable Plastics Guidelines

Recycle PlasticsThe recycling guidelines list plastic as an accepted material, so that must mean any plastic, right? Well, as it turns out, all plastic is not created equal and some of it is not recyclable with your household recycling collection or at your local recycling drop-off. Here’s a rundown on what’s ok to toss in your recycling cart and what’s not.
Article Source: Andrea Davis on September 11, 2020

Glass Recycling Guidelines

You can now place clear and colored glass bottles and containers in your recycle tub. You will need to rinse them clean and remove the lids. Labels may be left on containers.

Items that are NOT ACCEPTED: Plastic bags, CRT glass (monitors or TV screens), light bulbs, window glass, mirrors, drinking glasses, cups, bowls or plates.

2023 Seasonal Waste Disposal Services

The City of Ionia offers its residents a variety of waste disposal programs throughout the year. All of the programs are FREE OF CHARGE. Details and schedule, regarding these programs, are presented in the document 'Download a File' shown below these following programs:

  • Spring 'Dump-Your-Junk' Day
  • Fall 'Dump-Your-Junk' Day
  • Spring - Brush and Yard Waste Removal Program
  • Fall - Brush Removal Program
  • Bagged Leaves Pick-Up Program
  • Christmas Tree Recycling Program

Granger Customer Guide

Granger Waste Services is the contracted waste hauler for the City of Ionia. A comprehensive customer guide provides all details on the services provided for the City. Please visit their website using the link below for any service questions you may have including collection guidelines, holiday service schedules, and information for missed collections.

Compost Site, Apple Tree Drive

Yard Debris and Small Branches. If you are a City resident and/or property owner and have small branches (8 inches in diameter and less than 4 feet in length) and yard debris (weeds, leaves, dead vegetation) you may take it yourself to the City's compost site located at the end of Apple Tree Drive. Download a map at the link below,

Follow the signs at the end of Apple Tree Drive to the compost site. There is no entrance fee. Authorized vehicles only signs are posted. These signs are in place to notify non-city personnel that the Wellfield property is maintained by City personnel. The City Wellfield property is under camera surveillance at all times. You may enter onto the property to go to the compost site to dispose of your yard debris and small branches.

Additional Information (Ionia County Resource Recovery Program)

Ionia Conservation District

  • General items, Pesticides (insecticides, herbicides & rodenticides)
  • Pool Chemicals
  • Home Improvement Products
  • From Your Hobbies
  • Electronic Collection

City Calendar

City of Ionia City Calendar

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