Burning Regulations

City of Ionia

The outdoor burning of trash, leaves, building materials, tires, etc. is prohibited in the City. However, recreational fires are permitted subject to the following regulations (a permit is not needed for a recreational fire):

  1. All fires must be contained within an area 4 feet or less in diameter and 3 feet or less in height in a fire pit, in an above-ground commercially manufactured fire receptacle, or in a masonry fireplace made for outdoor burning.
  2. No burning is allowed from 1 to 6 am
  3. Except for the use of receptacles or fireplaces described in (1), any burning shall occur at least 25 feet from an existing structure and property line and shall be at the rear of any property, away from any street and sidewalk. If the dimensions of the lot are such that they will not permit compliance, burning shall occur as close to the center of the property as practicable behind the dwelling, an equal distance from the property line and building.
  4. All burning shall be under the supervision of an adult who shall remain present at the fire.
  5. No burning shall occur when the wind exceeds 10 miles per hour or when conditions are likely to create a nuisance or endanger a person or property.
  6. A fire that endangers or becomes offensive to other persons or harmful to their property is a nuisance and shall promptly be extinguished.

Easton & Ionia Townships

Burning Permits are given to residents in Ionia and Easton Townships for brush, grass, and leaves. No other burning is allowed. Permits may be denied if there is a statewide burning ban or if it is too windy. You are required to call on the day that you would like to burn. To obtain a burning permit please call 616-527-4431 during regular business hours or after hours call 616-527-0400.