City Income Tax


The City of Ionia has an income tax. City income taxes are due April 30th of each year. On this page, find forms and information you need, for individuals, partnerships, and corporations. If you need assistance, please phone the City Income Tax Department, at 616-523-0142.


Because of the City income tax, Ionia has one of the lowest property tax rates in West Michigan. Our operating property tax rate for the City of Ionia is just three mills and is levied on the summer property tax bill.

Residents pay 1% of their taxable income and non-residents who work inside the city limits of Ionia pay 1/2% of their taxable income. City Income Taxes are due April 30th of each year.

Every resident or part-year resident of Ionia who has taxable income in a tax year must file a return. Every non-resident who has taxable income derived from working or from sources inside the City limits must file a return. The City of Ionia Street Guide provides a complete list of addresses that are within the City limits and surrounding areas of businesses.

City Income Tax Forms are available to view and download from the file cabinets on this page. After filling out any of the form(s) you can postal mail or drop off the completed form(s) at City Hall.

Online Payments

The City of Ionia has a professional staff ready to answer questions, help you find necessary forms, or provide other information. Please call the City of Ionia Income Tax Department at 616-523-0142, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 4 pm.

Individuals can make City income tax payments online. Visit our Online Bill Payment page.

City Income Tax Forms & Links

A-Z Streets of the City of Ionia, that are eligible to collect City Income Tax as residential of the City.

City Income Tax Street Guide (PDF)